Reflections – The 5 Why Strategy! 

Welcome to the second half of the year. Half-way through the year, which one of the goals you set at the begining of the year have you given up on already?  Which would you like to re-commit to?  Are you on track or have you failed yourself? Are your goals still relevant or do you need new ones? All this and much more coming up for you.

As we all agree, the new year begins with a bang. It comes with a huge dose of energy, good intentions and a deep desire to achieve our long-awaited aspirations. We just want to make it happen and set things right.

Then life happens! Goals lose relevance, intentions take a backseat and we get entangled in our daily business of life. In no time we approach year end once again and we are left wondering where we went wrong? Why were we not able to achieve our goals?

That’s why, I feel a mid-year self-review gives us the time and opportunity to evaluate our goals, map our progress and give us the required space to make changes. It can be effective in reminding ourselves of all our good intentions set at the beginning of the year. Most importantly, with changing priorities and needs, a mid-year reflection helps you identify the most effective methods to achieve your goals.

Let me share my preferred method of conducting mid-year reflection. It’s effective tried and tested – The 5 Whys strategy.

Pick up a goal that you feel needs further accomplishment and ask yourself 5 questions following the below example pattern:

Goal: I want you eat healthier this year.

Q1: Why? 

A: I want to live longer

Q2: Why do I want to live longer? 

A: I want to get the most out of my life

Q3: Why do I want to get the most of my life? 

A:I want to stay with my family and my kids for long

Q4:Why do I want to stay with my family for long? 

A:I want to support them and be there for them as much as I can

Q5: Why do I want to support them and be there for them as much as I can, finally? 

A: Because I love them.

Now when you go back to your initial intention – I want to eat healthy, why? The real answer is because I love my kids.

It is this final answer will provide you with the motivation to pick up the threads and complete the unfinished tapestry of your intentions.

Changing goals and intentions over a period is quite common. Life is full of surprises, and it takes its own path. Losing focus is fair enough and that is why we have mid-year reflection. Reflection not only helps you assess your progress, but it also brings you back on track.

I hope you enjoyed reading and found the information helpful. Don’t forget to share your experiences with me.

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