My Story: Not Knowing About Coaching When I Needed it the Most

This month’s blog is special and extremely close to my heart as I am here to share my story with you.

At present, I am a transformational and leadership coach, helping senior professionals to deal with various aspects of work/life while maintaining a balance and harmony in their personal lives. My journey as a coach has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding. However, it was not always like this for me.

As a young graduate, I joined the workforce and enjoyed success and growth in corporate life. However, it was not before long, I realised, a steady rise in the corporate sector did little to fill up the void in my life. I often missed my college days and my free-spirited self. I longed for a carefree life where I could exploit my potential and live the life I desired. Soon, I felt like a ‘pawn in the box’ of the chess game called ‘corporate life,’ unable to break free of the squares on the board.

At this crucial juncture, coaching happened to me like a miracle. It totally changed by outlook and my perception of dealing with life. I felt I was late in the game. I had lost ten precious years of my life trying to figure out the right path.

As the saying goes, better late than never. Once I found my passion, I was determined to pursue it to the fullest.

Hence began the most rewarding phase of my life – the beautiful journey of coaching. I forayed into coaching leaving the corporate world with the hope to change not just my life but to make a difference in the lives of others who shared my feelings. As I progressed in my coaching journey, I realised that I was not alone.

I believe individuals sometimes lose some parts of their lives and meet dead ends, just like I did. As age sets in, we are left with a long list of ‘in-onlys.’ This is where, I feel, coaching can help you just as it helped me, transformed my life, and allowed me to become my best version.

The reason why I wanted to share my story is because I feel, if you aren’t achieving what you’d like to, perhaps you should try coaching – getting all the tools you need to make the change.

Since the day I met COACHING (I treat coaching as a friend and companion), I rediscovered myself and my potential. I found purpose in life and was able to make conscious choices in line with my goals. Since that day, whenever I think of impossibility, once again I realise that I raise those walls and enjoy breaking them down.  

Let us all sing to Frank Sinatra’s, ‘I did it my way’ and take control of our lives. Let us ensure we delete the ‘if-only’ list and live a satisfied life enriched with self-made choice.

Let our paths cross at least once to make sure we are on the same page!

Contact me if my story resonates with you, and you would like to discover how coaching can help you too!