The Story of a Stonecutter

Once upon a time, there was a traveller who was walking and discovered a building site. He saw many men cutting stones.
He walked up to the first man and said “Ohh, what are you doing?” and the man replied “You stupid man! Can’t you see what I’m doing? Don’t be ridiculous I’m cutting stone! Go away, you’re distracting me!” and the traveller walked on.

He asked the second stonecutter he encountered “What’re you doing?” and the stone cutter lovingly rubbed the stone and said “Well, I’m cutting stones. But I really wanted to be a sculptor but my father couldn’t effort to send me to school. And now I’m married and have children to support, so I’ve had to take this job. And it is a good job, I’m guaranteed of work for a very long time.”

Again the traveller continued walking and asked the very same question to the third stonecutter. “What’re doing?”. The third stonecutter stopped his work and took the traveller to the building site which was still just big holes and big pillars and he said “Can’t you see, I’m building a cathedral!”

This story is a powerful example of someone who has a strong sense of meaning.

So which stone cutter are you?

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