6 Changes You Can Make to Have a Better Work/Life Balance in The New Year

Work / Life Balance: This is the most important month to get this right so we can be with friends and family. Are you reaching the end of the year exhausted and fatigued in a good way, or negatively?

December is the month of celebrations, festivities, friends and family. It is that time of the year we all look forward to, and hence it is important to feel energised and relaxed.

The past 18 months have changed our perspective on work/life balance like never before. These months have brought significant changes in our personal lives and also in how we work.

Managing a balance between work and personal life has always been tricky. However, the pandemic has created new dynamics where work has to now share both time and space with our personal lives resulting in an unprecedented overlap where the two can no longer be separated but coexist in harmony.

Juggling working from home and video conference meetings side by side with family responsibilities and household chores requires all of us to innovate and adapt every day.

As we are about to end another action-packed year, it’s time to evaluate our priorities, values and work/life balance.

Here are six changes that might help you bring about the much-required work/life harmony!

  1. Set personal boundaries – Be realistic
  2. Avoid distraction – You will be surprised with all the extra time
  3. Create me time – Helps in restoring mental poise
  4. Break the monotony – Once in a while, do something different
  5. Plan ahead – And stick to it
  6. Say No – This is important

The key to a well-balanced and synchronised life is about the right choices and a few simple lifestyle changes.

The pandemic has taught us more than ever to bring about the necessary life changes, give up things that may not seem so important after all and focus on your interests and hobbies – even if that sometimes means less money!

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