What or who consumes you at work?

Just as there are people that drain your energy, there are also tasks that drain your energy. And it’s good to know which ones are which, so you can do something about it.

Do you know what drains your energy at work and makes you feel consumed? It is essential to make a diagnosis before taking any pills right?

Here is a little exercise that can help you gain some clarity on what is happening in your professional life. It will just take 15 mins and you don’t need a coach for this. You can do it all by yourself!

Grab a pen and a paper may be some post-its.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Draw a line that divides the paper into the half. Name the left column “Energy Takers” and the right column “Energy Givers”
  2. Make a list of people/tasks that you meet/do daily, weekly, or monthly
  3. Write down every one of them on a post-it (one per post-it)
  4. Put every post-it in a column
  5. Which one of them gives you energy? Which one of them takes your energy?

Okay, you have done an excellent job up to now. So what do you see when you look at your chart? Any insights?

And what is the next step? What can you do with the people/tasks that take your energy? And ask yourself if you can do more energy gaining tasks and be with more energy-giving people?

Think about these questions and if you need somebody to discuss your options you can just drop me an email!