The Secret to Prepping for an Impactful Session

Coaching can be highly rewarding for both the coach and the coachee. However, it is important to recognize that even coaches have their moments of stress and challenges before each coaching session. From managing emotions to mentally preparing for a session, from being aware of these challenges to finding effective ways to overcome them; the process can be extremely stressful. Especially for the first session.

These stressors can impact the coach’s ability to effectively support and guide the clients. Coaches often find themselves in situations where they must navigate a variety of complex emotions, such as uncertainty, self-doubt, and anxiety. These stressors can stem from various factors, including the responsibility of helping clients achieve their goals, managing time constraints, or dealing with difficult client situations. Regardless of the challenges, it is crucial for coaches to be prepared and equipped to handle these stressors effectively.

In today’s blog, we will explore the common emotions and challenges faced by coaches and provide valuable insights on how to navigate through them.

However, before diving into challenges it is important to understand the emotions of a coach. Coaches experience countless emotions ranging from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and self-doubt. It is natural for coaches to feel a sense of responsibility towards their clients’ growth and development.

Here are a few points to consider before starting a session:

Self-Reflection – This allows coaches to create a sense of calm and focus, helping them to be fully present for their clients. Regular journaling (let’s practise what we preach) can be helpful in regaining your own strengths as a coach and building confidence in your abilities.

Practise Mindfulness – Take a few minutes before the session to practice mindfulness or meditation. This can help you feel grounded and composed.

Prepare for the session – Consider each session to be your first session and prepare like this is the last! Remember, even experienced coaches need to prepare for each session as no two sessions are the same. The more you do you’re the more prepared you are for your clients. Preparedness is the key to confidence!

Pre-Session Ritual – Engage in a 2-minute pre-session ritual. This helps to break the ice and set the tone for the session. This could be a short introduction or a quick mindfulness exercise.

Setting Boundaries – Once again, let’s practise what we preach. We advise coachees and clients to set personal boundaries. It is equally important for us, as coaches, to set our boundaries first. So, establish clear boundaries between personal and professional life to ensure adequate time for self-care, relaxation, and preparation.

The client’s growth and development are the primary focus of any coaching session. It is also crucial to recognise, acknowledge and accept the challenges and emotions experienced by coaches. Only by understanding these emotions and implementing effective strategies for self-preparation, coaches can overcome these challenges with confidence. Remember that self-awareness, continuous learning, and peer support are invaluable tools in navigating through the hurdles faced before a coaching session. Ultimately, by addressing these challenges head-on, coaches can create an optimal environment for their clients’ transformational journey.

Have you ever faced a similar situation during your coaching session? Are you looking for some interesting tips and insights for self-preparation?

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