The End is Crucial! That’s What Stays On

Save the best for the last!

If there is anything better than a well-executed coaching session, it is an impactful and memorable conclusion!  The wrap-up of the session lingers in the clients’ minds and spirits and creates a lasting and positive impact.  It is important to spend time reviewing and solidifying the coaching experience.

A genuinely transformative and impactful session is not complete without a powerful ending. With the proper practices in place, we can make the most of our time with our coaching clients and ensure maximum client benefit. In this blog, we will explore the best practices for ending a coaching session that leaves you and your client feeling inspired and motivated.

Summarise key insights and leave room for reflection: Invite your coachee to revisit the key insights and takeaways from the session. This ensures clear communication and a comprehensive understanding of the learning outcomes. The learning outcomes can be both about the topic and the self. Most of the time the coachee has immediate insights about the topic, but they don’t reflect on their learning about themselves. So invite them to think in a broader picture and link their learning about the topic with themselves. At the same time summarizing makes sure you are on the same page. This helps to recognise the client’s growth and accomplishments. It provides the perfect opportunity to find common ground, celebrate success, and address challenges.

Set follow-up actions: Collaborate with your clients to identify clear and realistic actions to take after the session. This allows the client to have a concrete plan and ensures progress. Remember, the actions must be realistic, measurable, and aligned to their personal growth. This empowers them to continue their transformational journey on their own and ensures they have a roadmap for further growth. Completing a coaching session with clear and actionable next steps ensures that the progress made in the session continues beyond the session itself. If you think your client is identifying actions that are too easy for them, don’t hesitate to challenge them, remember growth happens out of comfort zone. In the mean time, don’t forget to help your client to think about potential barriers on taking the committed actions or their supporting resources.

Express gratitude: It is crucial to express gratitude towards your client. This doesn’t have to be at the end of the session, but there is a grate opportunity here after hearing their reflections about their learning outcomes or their commitment to taking action. This shows appreciation and respect which further helps in nurturing a trustful relationship and a sense of partnership. It also encourages the client to work on their progress, engagement, and willingness to explore.

Provide closure and leave room for positivity: Wrapping up a session with a sense of closure and optimism fosters confidence and ensures a positive rapport. Get their confirmation if it is the right time to finish the session, maybe allow them to ask questions or give their feedback. This will allow the client to feel safe and give them the choice and responsibility in the coaching process. 

Each client is unique and has specific needs. However, the one thing that is common to all coaching sessions is that the client should leave the session feeling empowered and inspired to act on their future goals. Encouragement and support can go a long way in building a client’s confidence.

Remember, the end of a coaching session should be the beginning of a new chapter of personal growth and development.

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