Ring in the New Year with a Gift to Yourself

This time round, let us look at new year resolutions through a different lens. Over the years new year resolutions have become more like rituals that are destined to break.

Did you know, the most popular new year resolution made each year and broken within a month is the ‘weight loss’ goal?

Have you ever wondered, why?

The answer is most of time this resolution (or any such resolution) is made as a mere statement that we wish for ourselves. These statements are made mostly without an action plan or backup. Also, they are often unrealistic and come without a deadline.

Such a statement can never be a resolution. A resolution is a ‘firm decision’ that aims at achieving something with proper reasoning and motivation.

Not anymore.

So, this year, change your approach. Instead of strict resolutions settle for a gift for yourself.

A gift of positive intentions and motivation. Each time you gift yourself good intentions, it is more likely that you will feel encouraged, productive, and finally succeed in your goals.

So, let this new year be a year of choices and feelings. Once you figure out the difference between the changes you ‘want to’ make and the ones you ‘have to’ make you will feel the freedom of choice.

Remember, this freedom is not only a gift to yourself but also the basis of your goals.

Here is a list of gifts that you can consider giving yourself.

First, do you really need resolutions for yourself? Ask yourself the question and write an honest response on a piece of paper. This will be the greatest gift to yourself. Setting up intentions at the beginning of the year is always a good thing. It shows you want to set things right and bring about positive changes in your life. But, for that you need to first figure out what changes you really WANT for yourself. More important, WHY do you need the changes?

Second, if you do, it should be a choice & not a compulsion (Even if it is self-imposed) – Goals or resolutions can be restricting and scary. As soon as you start imposing yourself with resolutions you are also shaming yourself for not being able to realise them. Instead of saying ‘I have to lose weight’ how about ‘I want to lose weight.’ The ‘want to’ sounds both motivating and meaningful.

Third, reflect on your progress – Appreciate the path travelled, don’t worry about the remaining. Resolutions can be hard and overwhelming. Instead of waiting for the goal to be completed in totality, enjoy the partial completion. Recognise and celebrate the small steps! Share your success with your friends and family. This will make you feel good and motivate you to complete the rest. 

Finally, celebrate yourself for who you are STOP blaming yourself – Research shows self-compassion and self-encouragement is the basis of success. So, instead of focussing on your weaknesses celebrate your strengths. Your goal should focus on yourself not on your family, partner or even boss. The purpose of your goal should be self-development and nurturing.

The new year is all about good intentions, connecting, forming strategic plans, and taking yourself to the next level. Invest in yourself, embrace your goals, and enjoy them. If you are intimidated by your own goals, know in your heart, they are not for you. Don’t burden yourself with goals that you don’t need.

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