Positive Psychology:  The Journey from -5 to +5

You feel your experiences are now at 0, and your reality is at an all-time low, maybe a -2 or a -5?
Do you really want to be a +5? Trust me, that is possible. A +5 mental reality or happiness is not something that you find. It is something that you create through positive psychology. What you focus on too much becomes your reality, and reality is created in a moment.
Traditional Psychology gets you to 0, PP (or positive psychology) gets you to your +5 life – think about it, what would that look like for you? In coaching, the interventions we use from PP would take your life to the next level.
Renowned psychologist Martin Seligman once humorously described psychology to CNN in one word, “good” at the next level as “not good” and as “not good enough” at the final stage.
So, what is the solution?
Once again, to quote Seligman, “The earlier focus for most psychological research and much practice was about how we can understand people when things go wrong (for example, when a person experiences depression). By contrast, the focus of positive psychology is on what conditions and experiences make for well-being and happiness. So, the question is, “How can I be well and happy?” rather than “What can I do now I am unwell or depressed.” In other words, it is not about taking yourself from -5 to 0; it is about taking yourself from 0 to +5.
Positive psychology focuses on a person’s inner strength, believes in an individual’s inherent potential and encourages developing skills (resilience, gratitude, optimism) that empower an individual to deal with a crisis.
One of the approaches we use in PP is Appreciative Inquiry. The traditional empirical approach focuses on the problem and fixing what is broken. AI is about a shift in mindset and looking at what is working rather than what is not. 
In case you are wondering how you can enjoy the impact of Appreciative Inquiry in your life, it’s pretty simple. When you are in a challenging situation, instead of asking yourself questions about the problem, this time try asking yourself below questions: 
  • What is your life’s best experience about …. (the challenging situation)….? 
  • What do you value about this situation? Which parts of the condition are you feeling good about?
  • What factors give “life” to the experience you are having? 
  • What would make it even better?
  • If you had three wishes about the situation, what would they be?
  • What can you do that is under your control?
When you suffer from a challenge, it might be tough to answer the above questions and find something positive that you appreciate, but I can promise this approach will be eye-opening. And I’m sure you will feel lighter about it.
Would you like to look closely at the principles of positive psychology? Do you think positive language can energize and encourage you to create your reality? Does that sound interesting and make you feel more about the power of positivity?
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