Productivity: Achieve the most by following a few simple steps

As it becomes lighter and our days longer, what are you spending your time on? Are you spending it wisely to reach the goals you set for yourself for the year?  

The term productivity is often associated with the study of economics. It is primarily regarded as a unit of measurement that expresses the efficiency of goods and services. However, the term is equally relevant to human life as it is to economics. Simply put, it is a term used to assess human achievements in various spheres of daily life. 

In today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle, each of us is trying to juggle multiple activities at the same time. It seems almost impossible to dedicate some time to a specific job. The human mind is trying to accomplish several tasks simultaneously, thinking they need to get it done.

But please pause and think. How often do you feel you have achieved nothing despite working hard all day? How many times do you feel unaccomplished at the end of a busy day? 

More often than not!

Research has proved that the human brain is designed to perform a single task with 100% focus and accuracy at any given point in time. Multitasking reduces the brain’s ability to function by 30-40%. The margin of error is increased by 60%; performance suffers due to interferences and results in poor quality of work. Hence, it ranks pretty low when it’s time to measure productivity at the end of the day. So the number one rule of productivity is to eliminate multitasking and distractions.

As Daniel Pink says in his book (which is tested and confirmed by me) you need to consider three aspects:

– Your chronotype: Your inner clock. While some people function better in the morning, others are night owls. And he also says there are others in between (he calls them third birds)

– Type of the task: Is the task you are trying to finish an admin task or a creative one?

– Preferred time of the task: Primarily, we are more productive on different tasks at different times of the day. 

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