Continuous Professional Development for Coaches

CPD for coaches

Mentor coaching & supervision

I know how challenging it can be to implement your learning when you are new to coaching. Especially when you have just graduated from your coach training, and are trying to fly solo. My mission is to help others to realise their potential. And by creating this space my aim is to contribute to your journey to becoming a transformational coach.

Continuous Professional Development for Coaches

CPD comprises formal training (courses focused on developing coaching skills and/or upgrading with formal qualifications) and informal training/learning which is not necessarily “classroom” training but is intentional learning tailored to the individual coach’s development needs. My focus is on the informal training, specifically on the provision of mentor coaching and coach supervision.

As a PCC level coach, mentor coach and supervisor, I provide a space that is tailored to your needs. Through this space, you will continue your growth and will always have the support you need.

As is in coaching, it is important that the supervisor and the coach is a right fit. To learn more about my approach and discuss your needs book a Free Strategy Call with me.

Collaboration with like-minded coaches

If you’d like to be part of a community of professional coaches, you might be interested in becoming a member of our Coach Café. This is an online membership group for collaboration and continuous professional development, with webinars, Q&A sessions and ongoing hints and tips to help you in your coaching. Click on the button to find out more and sign up.


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