Coach Café

Coach CafÉ

Welcome to the Coach Café Where Coaching Excellence Meets Community

  • Are you a newly qualified professional coach feeling a bit adrift after your training program?
  • Do you miss the camaraderie of your coaching cohort and the guidance of your mentors?
  • Are you yearning for a space to share, support, and connect with like-minded coaching professionals?
  • Do you feel confused about how to proceed with your development as a coach?

Look no further! The Coach Café is where the coaching community comes alive. 

Who is the Coach Café for?

The Coach Café is for people who have completed formal coach training to become a coach and strive for coaching excellence.

Benefits of joining

👥 Connect: Say goodbye to feeling alone in your coaching journey. The Coach Café is a thriving hub of fellow coaches who understand your aspirations and challenges. Connect with a diverse network of professionals ready to share insights, experiences, and growth.

🤝 Be Supported: In this ever-evolving field, we all need a helping hand. At the Coach Café, we’re your extended coaching family. Share your triumphs, tackle your obstacles, and get the support you need to keep progressing.

🌱 Grow Together: Learning never stops, and at the Coach Café, we believe in continuous growth. Access resources, webinars, and discussions that will keep your coaching skills razor-sharp. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, we’ve got something for everyone.

🚀 Reconnect: Rediscover your passion for coaching. The Coach Café is a place to reignite your professional spirit. Remember why you chose this path and find inspiration from our vibrant community.


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

What membership gives you

Ready to join the Coach Café community?

Your coaching journey is about to get a whole lot brighter.

Be part of the place where coaching excellence thrives, and connections are made.

Sign up today and become part of our supportive coaching family!



12 months for the price of 10
£ 150 + VAT Annually
  • Monthly Q&A with Biran
  • Quarterly group supervision
  • Coaching Tools Library
  • Online community
  • Discounted tickets to online events


Annual subscription paid monthly for convenience
£ 15 + VAT Monthly
  • Monthly Q&A with Biran
  • Quarterly group supervision
  • Coaching Tools Library
  • Online Community
  • Discounted tickets to online events


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